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DVT Dweller

Whats needed for a Peter Jones "Dacre"

Ive seen a picture of a loco based on the Peter Jones "Dacre" and Ive heard that peter designed the loco so it could be built using Roundhouse lady anne parts. Has anyone built one of these or do they know what roundhouse parts would be needed?

The first thing you need is The Book - only the one was ever published and I think there were going to be more. If you talk to me VERY nicely, I might be persuaded to let you have it! (assuming I can find it)
DVT Dweller

Thanks Brian, I think Brandbright still produce the book too. Do you know if it uses the Lady Anne chasis and boiler etc and the drawings are just the bodywork or is there abit more to it?

Here is a good source of info on the web

This picture (from the link above) is also featured in the Peter Jones "Building Small Steam Locomotives" book on page 90

The original Peter Jones Dacre utilised Roundhouse cylinders, spirit fired pot boiler, slip eccentrics, rocker arms, inner wrap arroud firebox, spirit tank and smoke box. Drawings show designs for frames, buffer beams and plate work (smokebox, fuel tank wrapper, tanks).

The "Building Small Steam Locomotives" book does not mention anywhere the actual Roundhouse model of origin but I assume it was the Lady Anne. Later in the chapter on the Dacre Peter goes on to refer to the full running chassis that Roundhouse now supply and shows how the 'Dacre principal' can be applied to the Millie.

CAD files for the Dacre can be found here (as DXF files),29/limit,5/limitstart,10/ by clicking on HomemadeDacre

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