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Diesel Outline...

Dear All,

Here is my tribute to LBSC.  Two and a half years in the making.  I bought a bundle of old magazines from the 1930's and a construction article caught my eye.  The article starts with:

"The success of the Diesel locomotive on intermittent shunting work and short branch-line operation has inspired many small locomotive builders to attempt a small edition; but owing to the fact that Nature cannot be "scaled," it is impossible to make a little Diesel which will operate like a big one with crude oil as fuel.  You could not get the compression, even if the fuel were injected correctly.  However, there is no need to let that fact deter you, as we can build a locomotive which looks like a Diesel, and operate it by steam; so here is a short description of such a locomotive, suitable for gauge 0, on which it will do all that" Sister Diesel" does on 4 ft. 8.5 gauge"

I thought the loco would be a quick build, but was wrong.  I scaled the plans up from O gauge to Gauge 1 then added a little to make it look right with my LGB stock.  It runs nicely at a slow speed.

This loco was built as a tribute to LBSC, but the cylinder is pure K.N Harris :-)  It has a built-up cylinder block with all the porting and dimensions to K.N Harris' book.  The exhaust sounds nice and snappy.  As this needed to be a fairly high speed motor (by my standards), I opted for a reduced piston stroke but an increased bore.  I raised the cylinder as high as could be to reduce angularity and do away with a crosshead.  I fitted screw-down drain cocks to the cylinder as per K.N Harris' recomendations.  The loco was built using 6 mm bore x 13 mm OD ball races, I have a plentiful supply of them, so 6 mm silver steel was used for the shafting.  The loco is worm driven and I made my own on my lathe, it was a real mission, but enjoyable.  I thought the motor would guzzle steam at a great rate with the gearing (nearly twice that of a RH loco with wheels the same diameter) so I made the boiler as big as possible.  As the motor exhaust doesn't go up the funnel a smokebox wasn't needed.  The boiler is a twin burner gas fired affair with a central internal uptake flue with water all around it.

The bodywork is all 0.6 mm steel, and it's almost a one-piece lift off structure now, is quite rigid.  It's all soft soldered together, I am a fan of soft soldering now that I have a 80 W iron and the right flux.

Fully dressed

With the top off

The bodywork lifts off to reveal the works.  I couldn't bring myself to paint it (initially), and had been contemplating naming the loco "Silver Lady".

Here is the drawing from the plans

Please email me if you would like a .pdf copy of the plan and original instructions, it's only two pages in all.

Worm and wheel.

Rolling Chassis.

Cylinder assembly.

Boiler internal assembly.

Boiler in the pink.

Check out the video to hear the lovely exhaust note.

Best wishes

Lordy, I thought I was doing well screwing a couple of IP tin kits together! It looks fine work sir, and the youtube flick is excellent.

Really is a great piece of engineering Dave - full credit to you.



Very Nice,  Impressed.  

That is impressive model engineering. My hat is off sir!
Keith S

Interesting that the design comes from an era where the steam engine was the sensible choice of power source for a small locomotive even though it's not a model of a steam locomotive. It's the complete opposite of a steam-outline electric powered model you might see on a modern model railway.

Thanks for the kind words.  It's very satisfying finally finishing it.  Years ago I'd have given up at the first hurdle, but nowadays I seem to be able to stick at it.

Here's the latest pictures showing the loco in NZR gloss black.  I'll just keep it simple on the outside, no blobs and gadgets, or window frames and beading.

Best wishes,

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